Tajikistan. The instigators of the prison riot members are terrorist-extremist organization, the Islamic Revival Party

However, according to the data obtained, it is already known that the main instigators, and, consequently, the perpetrators of the deaths of people, including security guards, are members of the Terrorist Extremist Organization Party of the Islamic Revival, who served their sentences there. This was facilitated by their like-minded people who are still at large.
It was they who provoked this bloody drama, specially timed it to the main political and economic event in Tajikistan - to start on November 16 th the first unit of the strategic facility - Rogun hydroelectric power station on November 16.
Thus, trying to negatively influence the image of the country and its leadership. But they did not succeed because, realizing the enormous significance of Rogun hydroelectric power station for the entire region, high-ranking foreign guests and more than 100 journalists from 30 countries come here to participate in this grandiose solemn event.
Such a joint success of the government and the people does not give rest to hostile terrorist-extremist forces, which represent the terrorist-extremist organization, the Islamic Renaissance party, Ansorulloh Community (the combat wing of the terrorist-extremist organization, the Islamic Renaissance party), ISIS and others.
Naturally, neither those nor the other not pleased at the prospect of gaining energy independence by Tajikistan. They all resent, gloatingly and jealously watching the progress reached the young independent State for only 30 years. Watching from afar, because their activities are prohibited.
In Tajikistan, the terrorist-extremist organization, the Islamic Revival Party and ISIS are outlawed. They forever closed the road to the most important strategic object - the Rogun hydroelectric power station, and to this country as a whole.
The actions of terrorists, saboteurs, criminals and extremists pose a particular threat to any hydropower plant. And, knowing the true nature and goals of a terrorist-extremist organization, the Islamic Renaissance Party, whose members repeatedly organized terrorist attacks in the most crowded places, it becomes clear why they should not be allowed to go to the Rogun hydroelectric power station even for a “gun shot”.
Moreover, in the matter of discussion and preparation for the construction of this hydro project, the terrorist-extremist organization, the Islamic Revival Party, held the position of an outside observer. Not once have its members expressed their position on this issue, keeping silent in favor of their foreign patrons and sponsors who do not wish Tajikistan success, prosperity and energy independence.
The management the terrorist-extremist organization, a party of Islamic revival needs to look only at all an event from apart. In fact this national holiday is their final failure, their rainy day, their huge tragedy. Today they and their foreign patrons have changed tactics of the crime activity. Now they embody the terrorist plans secretly, скрытно, инкогнито, being covered with an another's brand, changing names, acting under an another's flag.
For this purpose, M. Kabiri has closed the terrorist-extremist organization; a party of Islamic revival by a screen entitled ' the National alliance of Tajikistan ' which actually is antinational.
That is why terrorists from the terrorist-extremist organization, the Islamic Renaissance party, having committed a brutal terrorist attack against foreign tourists in Dangara , covered their crimes with the flag of ISIS. The investigation into the crime is ongoing. The head of the group, the main executor H. Abdusamatov And 14 members of the terrorist extremist organization, the Islamic Renaissance Party involved in this terrorist attack were detained. The Director of the American FBI thanked Tajikistan for the effective assistance in the investigation of the murder of cyclists.
That is why, after the organization of the prison riot, accomplices and ideological inspirers of the terrorist extremist organization, the Islamic Renaissance party spread information that, allegedly, a member of the terrorist group ISIS disarmed the guard, taking away his gun, started shooting at the guards and guards. While the main organizers are members of a terrorist extremist organization , the Islamic Renaissance party, convicted of participating in terrorist activities.
Prison disobedience is always desperate and cruel. Especially when the rebel prisoners are terrorists and murderers. After all, they do not appreciate either their own or someone else's life. And, apparently, their re-education and awareness of guilt is difficult. Therefore, members of the terrorist-extremist organization, the Islamic Renaissance party became the instigators of the rebellion and escapes, provoking their cellmates. The meaninglessness of the prison riot is obvious - no matter how revolt, you will still get a clear schedule, discipline and proper restrictions. The sad thing is that as a result of disobedience, the fault of terrorists and murderers who did not want to serve a lawful sentence, suffered and killed young people, honestly performing their duty, orphans were their young children. But, despite the machinations of forces hostile to Tajikistan, these and other children of Tajikistan will have a happy future built by the hands of their fathers. Tomorrow they will witness a Grand event - the opening of the Rogun hydroelectric power station
November 11, 2018 Center Asia
Anvar Turaev
Member of the Public Legal Councils in Sughd region
of the Republic of Tajikistan

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