Congratulatory message of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Leader of the Nation, dear Emomali Rahmon on the occasion of the Mehrgon holiday

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15.10.2021 08:00, Dushanbe city

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Dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate all of you on the occasion of the ancient holiday of Mehrgon, which is a precious spiritual heritage of our ancestors.

The Mehrgon holiday in the history of the civilization of the Aryan peoples is one of the priceless traditions that has come down to our days due to its important natural, social and spiritual basis and virtues.

Mehrgon is considered the autumn holiday of the year, and our ancestors celebrated it as a symbol of thanksgiving for the gifts of nature and the labor of farmers and, thus, paid tribute to the unity of man and nature.

In this sense, Mehrgon appeared with the beginning of the development of agriculture and with the introduction of the Dehkan calendar, and therefore it is considered a harvest festival and is especially revered among farmers.

In other words, our ancestors in the spring days, with the hope of a plentiful harvest, started agricultural and horticultural work, and in the fall they collected the fruits of their labor, and after that they organized a holiday and congratulated each other with joy.

It should be noted that today, our farmers, including cotton growers, gardeners, winegrowers and livestock breeders, are working with double energy in the name of a worthy meeting of the Mehrgon and to make a greater contribution to ensuring food security and the development of the country's economy.

The result of this conscientious work is that agricultural production is increasing every year, and hundreds of thousands of tons of organic fruits, vegetables and dried fruits from Tajikistan are exported to foreign countries.

It is worth noting that Mehrgon is not only a celebration of the abundance of the fruits of the labor of farmers and gardeners and the well-being of each family, but also a symbol of good spiritual and cultural elements.

According to historical and literary sources, this holiday originated under the Peshdodi Shah - Faridun.

The mythological essence of Mehrgon also echoes the moral ideas of the Navruz and Sad holidays, that is, the triumph of justice over ignorance, light over darkness, creation over barbarism and good over evil.

The Mehrgon holiday is closely connected with the national Tajik poetry and music.

Mehrgon in the works of the classics of Tajik-Persian poets, in particular Ustoda Rudaki, Firdavsi, Unsuri, Farrukhi, Manuchehri, Masudi Saadi Salmon, Sayidoi Nasafi, Nosiri Khusrav and others, was praised as a symbol of fertility, abundance of dastarkhans, and always emphasized it as a time of expressing love and respect for people to each other:

Do you love the Mehrgon holiday, and the sun day

Love the sun and the Mehrgon holiday.

For centuries, for various reasons, this holiday in the works of poets began to be covered less often, and only during the period of State independence there was an opportunity for the revival of this folk tradition.

So, for the seventh year we have been celebrating the Mehrgon holiday in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and have legislatively included it in the list of official holidays.

The celebration of Mehrgon at the state level has strengthened our connection with ancient national roots and contributes to greater self-knowledge and self-awareness of our people, especially teenagers and young people, because Mehrgon symbolizes the unity of the human race and is considered a model of high human morality, love and striving for good deeds, patriotism and justice.

Popularizing such holidays and traditions of our ancient people as Navruz, Tirgon, Mehrgon, Sada and others, we must make every effort to develop the state, improve the Homeland, increase the authority and image of the nation in the international arena and to further improve the living conditions of our people.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate the glorious people of Tajikistan on the occasion of the beautiful Mehrgon holiday, and I wish every family in the country a rich festive dastarkhan, a quiet life, happiness and prosperity.

Happy Mehrgon holiday, dear compatriots!

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