With fish often moving in close to shore they are there to be caught at the right time and there is something a lot more satisfying than catching a big fish off the beach rather than a boat. And thanks to the cold climate, Norway has also established itself as a premier destination for ice fishing in Europe. SAS operate the most reliable service to Tromso via Oslo, Stockholm or Copenhagen with fast connections. Species fishing An increasing number of visitors are discovering the joy of fishing different species. Big coalfish also arrive close to shore in the Troms Region in late summer these can exceed 30lb plus. Shore fishing around Saltstraumen . 5.6K likes. Fishing in the Fjord. Rods like, Century and Zipplex etc, with reels such as the Penn 525, are perfect for Norway. Rent special equipment to make longer castings and catch fish further out. Where will I stay? We fish one of the best areas in North Norway near Bodo and offers the shore anglers the perfect opportunity to land some real monsters and his previous results speak for them selves. Shore fishing in the Troms region of Norway on the beautiful islands of Andorja and Rolla Anybody with any interest in saltwater fishing surely knows all about the insane levels of boat fishing over in Norway, one of the finest countries on earth - they have so many big cod, coalfish and halibut for starters that it simply isn't fair. Those hooked on fly fishing will be pleased to hear that Norway’s cold water lakes are chock-a-block with brown trout, pike, and perch. SHORE FISHING IN NORWAY. Sea Fishing as it should be. OVERVIEW. Norway is especially suitable for species fishing thanks to the unusually large variety in the sea. The Fjord Vanylvsfjorden is great for fishing. Records may be submitted by email for any un-named species. The lads really have had some fantastic fishing and a great range of 13 different species. In fact the cod oil industry is so important that during the war it was a target for an allied raid, Where are the tours? Shore fishing in the Troms region of Norway on the beautiful islands of Andorja and Rolla Salmon fishing is a chapter for itself. I enjoy any fishing and will fish for tiddlers as well as giants, but to me halibut are the true king of fishes! 23 talking about this. Guided Fishing Norway, Bodø, Norway. Shore Fishing Holiday Click to read more about shore fishing Boat Fishing Holiday Click to read more about boat fishing Welcome. Bait fishing from shore or "shore fishing" is popular and we will show you where you have the greatest chance of success. For some lakes you buy fishing card from www.inatur.no. Discussion Starter • #1 • May 3, 2012. 2 talking about this. As well as food to eat and export, the cod oil industry is massive and some areas, such as Lofoten, only came into existence on the back of it. Company Reg No. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 4, 2018. Surfcasting Fishing by casting a line into the sea from the shore. Joined: Oct 7, 2008 Messages: 195 Trophy Points: 53. 2.328 waren hier. Skarnsundet is regarded as one of the best fishing locations in the Trondheimsfjord. As a nation, Norway has always lived off the sea. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions . I have taken a lot of advice on when the best time of the year to go for shore fishing is but I'm still not sure. The Weston outcast boys return to Skarnsundet after waiting a year to return. Other common species are grayling, common whitefish, and Arctic char. You will stay in a large detached “log cabin” style house overlooking the sea. Discussion in 'Europe' started by Raincoat, Jul 10, 2018. Sea fishing from shore is exciting and challenging. Skarnsundet was the first fishing camp in Norway to offer organised shore fishing holidays and now we have more than 150 shore anglers visiting us every year. To fish the Fjord is probably the most common, but you can also fish from the shore at several places, like Kråkenes. The Trondheimfjord is the third longest fjord in Norway and one of the most spectacular. Who runs Guided Fishing Norway? Norway’s economy was, at one point, based very heavily on fishing. Includes 2 hot meals a day, all transfers, accommodation, and of course guided fishing. 239 Posts . Norwegians are sometimes said to have seawater in their veins. You can use the same shore rods & reeels for fishing in Norway, that you use here in England, so you don't need to buy special gear for your fishing holiday. Fishing of trout in lakes and small rivers require local fishing cards. 423 Posts . Shore fishing | Lofoten Islands Undoubtedly the most sought after fish in Norway, Cod can grow to weights over 100lbs, though specimens of this size are very rarely caught on rod and line. Hello So I am planning a shore trip to Vega this year. We are a team of independant fishing guides with a vast knowledge of shore fishing in Norway. All you have to do is find an area that suits your likings. It's generally a good days travel from your UK airport to your accommodation. We have also got rivers to fish and small mountain lakes. Heavy duty spinning rod capable of casting up to 100g is what we recommend. Norway is a land that can produce fish of a lifetime and that 15lb 10oz halibut was a dream fish for me. This exclusive shore fishing destination in Lofoten Island Norway will give you the opportunity to catch one of the many sizeable Halibut which frequent these waters well within casting distance. The rich fishing banks in the sea around West Cape ensures a relatively steady, rich and varied existence of fish sorts in the Fjord. Fully guided fishing tours in Northern Norway. Shore Fishing; Gallery; Videos; Accommodation; Boats; Getting Here; Booking; Things to Do; About; Select Page . Shore fishing is an ever-growing sport that can be very productive when fishing in the right destination. Boat fishing is not for everyone and with that in mind, we have worked hard to bring you something different. Norway is a land known for its amazing fishing, anglers travel here year after year to sample the fantastic sea fishing that this destination has to offer. Shore Fishing Tackle For Norway. Add to this the fact that our relatively small amount of clients (about 10% of the current number of UK shore anglers who visit Norway each year) have caught more record breaking fish in a couple of years than everyone who’s tried doing this themselves then it’s obvious that if you want your best chance of a successful week then you should book with Guided Fishing Norway. Shore fishing. Fishing made easy! ! Location: Sussex. Bergen Shore Fishing - Norway. Shore fishing in Norway is becoming more and more popular each year, with the fishing around the UK coastline becoming less productive year after year anglers are heading away to the Land of the Big Fish in hope of catching a monster fish from the shore. Shore Fishing | Arctic Circle | Norway . Mainly fished the Bontelabo dock area which is very deep water. Went over there last weekend for a spot of shore fishing and to visit the town. As a shore angler, a much more realistic target for this species would be 10-20lb, with anything larger being considered a specimen. Whether you are seeking a PB cod, huge halibut or light tackle fishing for big coalfish and other species Sandland Brygge has everything you need for a great fishing holiday experience… The land of big cod with monsters over 100lbs. We are extremely excited about our fantastic new Shore fishing destination in North Norway with the three time World record holder. Skarnsundet Fjordcenter is the place for a marvelous holiday. Its nutrient rich waters and strong tidal currents attract large shoals of feeding fish. Shore Fishing Clothing For Norway. Photos from Northern Norway Shore Fishing accommodation and guiding's post . This is above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. The shore fishing could not be any easier, regardless of your ability there are marks that will suite every angler, from strong tidal currents, sandy beaches and deep gulleys… Haddock fishing . Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Raincoat Member. The tours are based around the famous Saltstraumen. Where a weight is entered with no captor or other details, it is a qualifying weight. Old fishing boat on the shore of the Varanger fjord, Finnmark region, Norway – kaufen Sie dieses Foto und finden Sie ähnliche Bilder auf Adobe Stock Sea fishing It is allowed to fish in the sea without any fee/permit all along the coast. Lovely day fishing a new mark for sea trout yesterday in the sunshine as heard they've started to show in numbers, armed with my spinning rod and using a 20g spinner it seemed that this was to good for the cod to resist.

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