Here are the ten shaka Zulu facts that you never knew about. The Zulu Kingdom was very important in South African history during the 1800s and 1900s. However, apart from their reputation as great military leaders, history has remembered these two men quite differently. A lot has been hidden. The Xaba surname was Qaba before it became Xaba due to the fact that Xaba people are the San/ Khoisan aka Abathwa as some of you know them as “Abathwa baka Menzi”. Uma kungukuthi uMenzi wakhulisa uShaka, kanti uDingiswayo Mthethwa yena wennzani? …but an African saying Shaka was a loser!!! How Shaka grew the Zulu clanShaka sought to change things that did not make sense to him. 1. They celebrate this day in the month of September to remember the famous founder of the Zulu Kingdom, Shaka. Senzangakhona claimed that Nandis bloated belly was a symptom of iSh… He is credited with creating a fighting force that devastated the entire region. Menzi and Senzangakhona are not the same person uMenzi ubaba ozala uNkay’shane since kuthiwa uNkay’shane ka Menzi and uShaka is known to be called uShaka ka Senzangakhona so this explains that uShaka grew up under the sandla sika Menzi not under his father since Shaka is called u”Nodumehlezi ka Menzi”……Thuthuka do some research mfethu. March 12, 2014, cherran, Leave a comment. Image of Shaka Zulu-It’s a well-known fact that Shaka Zulu loved his mother, Queen Nandi, dearly. As earlier mentioned, the history of Shaka Zulu is marked with horror accounts of intolerance, brutality and extra-judicial executions. 7. A heavily under-armed army of Zulu warriors outsmarted 1,350 British soldiers, resulting in a crushing defeat. There are still native whites with blonde hair and blue and green eyes in north Africa. See more ideas about Shaka, African history, African royalty. Bakhona o Mtaka, Usolwazi Maphalala His leadership and his energy make him one of the greatest Zulu chieftains. ... 8 Interesting Facts About the Tonga People Chep. As monarch, he held tremendous influence in the Zulu kingdom. About 10 million Zulu tribe members are still estimated to be present in Africa. He also dispatched one of his confidants to England to know more about the British weaponry. Interesting facts about Shaka Zulu. The challabge is I don’t remember the name of the book and my grandfather had past on 20yrs ago In fact, several places in KwaZulu Natal were named after the specific incidents that involved him in those places. He greatly loved his mother; He killed his half-brother and stole the king's throne; He has his public holiday; The Zulu culture is … No, Indian South Africans are not persecuted. abelungu bafuna ukuziveza kukho konke nalapha baziveza bephambili benzela ukunconywa,nokusondezwa ku Zulu,benzela kubukeke sengathi sasingabangani kugqibeke namahlazo abo. Can someone please elaborate. Sgidi, not ShakaSenzangakhona, his father, never called his son Shaka. Also Shaka was called Sigidi later in his life because he deemed to rule over millions “isigidi”. He had zero tolerance for cowardice. Yet, … Shaka was a famous leader and warrior of the Zulu people. The youthful and aggressive warriors would then form the "horns ‘and trap the enemy within the semi-circle. This Zulu man forbade his troops from marrying; During his wars, he killed everyone else but spared the lives of bushmen. The Kraal also served as an execution centre for anyone who broke his rules, He disallowed marriage among his soldiers as he believed that the challenges in the marriage unit would weaken their focus on military activities and expose the Zulus to danger. At the time of the Zulu war, he refused to submit to the British. Now what regime hasn’t killed in the name of power, why does this seem to fly over head. Shaka's reign was never secure, and maintaining the Zulu kingdom's boundaries required further military campaigns. 4. I talk about why Shaka was to be King, I talk about his visions,his mentors and even his sons. UMUNTU ONGACISHE ASIPHE OKUGCONO NGOMBUMBI ISILO GOODWILL KABHEKUZULU QHA. if you read more than christoper columbus diaries maybe youd be more informed. Shaka kaSenzangakhona, also known as Shaka Zulu, was a great Zulu king and conqueror. He was no loser, he killed millions though for land. Born in 1787, Shaka was the son of Senzangakhona, ruler of a small chiefdom, the Zulu. The whole world seems to forget that whites capitalized on an already booming slave trade. I find it ludicrous to hear African people label iLembe negatively. The name he would eventually become known by was a reference to his illegitimacy. Even with so much death after colonial wars, there are though very few people who can give a clear version of our history of ZULU in particular….it does not end there…..there is a great deal of our entire history…..not only ZULU but through out AZANIA…doing research should be everyone’s task to find the truth but one should be very careful in doing so because our history is falsified by the very people who want to claim they are the only ones who know our history simple because they have been given the vote……We must rise against such tendencies that want us to look stupid and myopic……you can fool some people sometime but not all of them all the time….. Here’s the data. READ ALSO: Mmusi Maimane throws shade at the ANC but gets roasted instead, Image:, @ NKOSI PUBLISHINGSource: Facebook, As you continue reading, you will at some point find yourself asking , so, how did Shaka Zulu die?

shaka zulu interesting facts

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