A Communicator’s Guide to Successful Change Management. Repeat. The world is changing fast, and so is our profession. A trial will often last for one month or two weeks. This really is a broad question for a number of reasons: * PR, itself, has many definitions * PR agencies rarely do everything * PR agencies can be firms of 1 or 10,001. Your team needs to keep up with and swiftly respond to evolving consumer behavior. Because focusing on your current reporting structure and team members puts the focus on the people instead of the roles and responsibilities you need. A polite, respectful, apologetic response will remind the public that they’re dealing with a professional business who knows how to handle these situations. Team Lead: Molly Public Relations: Sunshine Sachs (on retainer) Web & Graphic design: Adam Houston (40hours/month) Marketing Analysis & Sales Systems: Jon Team Lead: Greg Outside Sales: Dana Inside Sales: TBD Vendor Support: SK&A, Data.com Marketing Department Communications There are four general types of organizational structure that are widely used by businesses all around the world: One where people are encouraged to be curious, original, tolerate mistakes, and to be open to change. This guide is intended as your roadmap for real change in your company. Scott Guthrie, Founder Sabguthrie For a more in-depth look, please see my article on how to structure and standardize PR pitching across your team. #FuturePRoofing a Public Relations agency or a Communications team. Robert Burnside, Chief Learning Officer, Ketchum. ING Netherlands, for example, now has 485 cross-functional teams, each comprising about nine people. Your Kanban board will make it easy to see where work is piling up. A recent Arketi Group survey found that nearly half of the PR teams surveyed didn’t consider themselves knowledgeable on cloud technology, and 41 percent listed complexity as a technology challenge. It is better to have a slightly better solution next week than to plan for a huge improvement in six months’ time. Most online software vendors offer calls with a presales consultant. Can you imagine a sales team that doesn’t use a Customer Relations Management System (CRM)? This workflow documentation can also be used as training material for new hires and as a quality checklist for all employees. Test before you invest: evaluate a new workflow before committing to it. You will be surprised at how much waste your company creates. Changing your PR workflow shouldn’t be one gigantic project. Stuart Bruce, PR trainer Instead, think kaizen. In a communication or PR team, the PESO model is an excellent example to use as a foundation for your analysis. 30 percent of millennial internet users in the United States regularly use Snapchat, Public relations isn’t modernising quickly enough, PR Academy annual qualification trends survey, turnover rates reached over 55 percent in PR agencies in the United States, A communicator’s guide to successful change management, media relations tools you need for PR automation. If you’re serious about exploring the PESO model, check this PESO model kit. Raise the geek-factor of your experiment team and include technical colleagues like web developers or systems administrators. Raf Weverbergh, founder of PR agency FINN When a handover is necessary, make sure that the person taking on the responsibility has everything they need to take effective action. ... Social Media & PR … This guide gives you a thorough roadmap to the change management process. Value demands are the work clients pay companies to do. In his book Group Genius, Keith Sawyer writes, “…when solving complex, non-routine problems, groups are more effective when they’re composed of people who have a variety of skills, knowledge, and perspective.” He goes on to say, “The reason groups are so effective at generating innovation is that they bring together far more concepts and bodies of knowledge than any one person can. Many factors contribute to employee happiness, but the most relevant one you can tackle right now is making sure employees do valuable work. Once you see this happening, you will need to act quickly to discover the bottlenecks causing these delays. Public relations isn’t modernising quickly enough. Progressive companies are overhauling their company structure to work more effectively. Are project teams convinced about the value of a new workflow? The AE would have more routine contact with the client on a day-to-day working basis, and the CEO would have only infrequent but important contact with the client. It’s important that the public see the company taking ownership of their issues and mistakes. In addition, we use stories, video and photos produced by our marketing and PR teams. There is no right or wrong organizational structure for a PR team. This paper reports on some of the core findings from a program of research focused on examining the structure of public relations/communication departments. Low value work that doesn’t take a lot of work. As when you started this process by reviewing your workflow, diversity remains important. This guide will help you improve your PR workflow so that you stay current and create more value for clients in less time. Selecting the... A strong starting lineup to execute your plays. There is a lot of new territory to cover, and that creates a new set of expectations for your team. As an experiment, you could try removing people from a task to see if just one person can handle it better. Every great team starts with an active coach. People on your existing team can—and should—serve in these roles. Productivity and team size: less is more. For more information, see Managing teams. If a project team can eat more than two pizzas, it’s too large. Features of a Funnel-Focused Organization. Blog about it, distribute a newsletter, or tweet latest developments. Can you find ways to cut down the time of high value and frequent tasks? Employees are frustrated with aspects of their work. First, they’re responsible for internal communication of important information to employees; they’re the departments that curate the messages that go out to teammates about the company’s financial state, executive management decisions and social responsibility. The owner is Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. The typical brainstorm? Firms need to find ways to adapt to continuous change. In systems thinking theory this distinction is thought of as two high-level types of client demands that enter your system: “value” and “failure” demands. For example, Procter & Gamble considers product-based grouping as the basis for developing and maintaining management teams. PR and HR work together on a few critical functions. Yes, the setup will take some time initially. Copy/paste Twitter handle of a contact. Knowledge sharing doesn’t necessarily have to be free. Make sure you choose a dedicated spot, where your work will be safely preserved. But here we’re talking about pitching a number of stories to many varied outlets, coordinating content and meeting deadlines, so you need to … The thinking behind daily standups is that it keeps the energy high. Software consultants are trained to understand your needs as fast as possible. This will help you to learn fast what works. She owns her own content marketing agency, Wordsmyth Creative Content Marketing (www.wordsmythcontent.com) and she works with a number of small businesses to develop B2B content for their websites, social media accounts, and marketing materials. This overview can act as a constant visual reminder of your workflow improvement efforts, so put it in a prominent place in your office. Take this real-life frustrating task as an example. She has been writing on business-related topics for nearly 10 years. At this point, your marketing department may have multiple teams. That is what we do best. A straightforward apology statement can be released at a press conference or as an online response. They’re moving away from the standard pyramid hierarchy with silos in favor of forming compact and agile groups that can solve problems much faster. Give this brainstorm technique a try. It will push your team to stay fresh and on top of their game. Increase your chances of success by hiring an expert consultant to help you kickstart the process. This is, more often than not, a waste of valuable time. Visualize the waste on your Post-its to make it easy to refer back to the key issues. Management is often tempted to make workshops as small as possible and only to include senior representatives. Agile software development teams have “daily standups”. Waiting for a client to sign off influencers you pitch. The teams that thrive the most have an open culture. Using the PESO model as a foundation will not only help your team understand all the work they do, but it will also reveal the work that they could do to create value for your organization. If you know what to look out for, there are signs that your current workflow practices could be part of the problem. All of these main divisions have a number of sub-groups. Afterwards, the participants cluster all similar ideas and create labels for each cluster. You can do this with a simple quadrant chart. Map the people working on tasks to understand where you don’t have “single piece flow”. Invite senior managers, accounts team members, junior execs, designers, planners… the more diverse the group, the more interesting the results. PRCA Digital PR Report 2015: Need for more training. Bad press can happen on any scale, from an unfavorable review on a website to a major management scandal or a product recall. And we are reducing the time line by reducing the non-value adding wastes. Seeing the bigger picture. Make it easier to reuse previous outreach lists. Source: PR Academy annual qualification trends survey. What work do they consider to be the most boring and repetitive? Team 1 manages relationships with the top 50 publications and places Forrester analysts to speak at industry events. Once you've identified them, add these people or groups to a team to start collaborating. Processes that are documented are easier to teach to new hires and make it easier to create quality checklists. You will want to get back to the overview later in other workshops. Share your expectations with consultants before they start with the actual software demo. Label one of the chart’s axis as “value” and label the second axis as “time spent”. So what do you do now with this wall full of Post-its? Give introverts a voice in your workshop. Rather than going all-out and changing everything, improve one element at a time via workflow experiments. A unified effort is the best way to go about a public relations approach; there are different kinds of PR, but they all need to be able to represent the same executive message. Directing your energy on creating value instead of waste is the direct route to higher profitability. When service organizations fail to meet customer expectations, customers call back, turn up again, or otherwise create more demand and hence more work. A large part of your audience communicates via this medium. The workshop results in a visual overview of all the work that your team does. Just as work needs to be broken down into manageable chunks, so must workflow improvement. That’s the whole meeting.”. Refrain from having lengthy meetings. Sessions such as weekly learning lunches are excellent opportunities for the workflow experiment teams to share their progress with the wider team. Once you have got going with it, however, it takes just a few minutes per day for your team members to update their status. As two-way communicators, public relations practitioners interact directly with key publics, relaying the resulting information (with recommendations) to other members of the management team. For a few hours every few weeks, this team member plows through an Excel sheet. Some agencies do invest big in learning. Having a clear view on the things you know you do a lot will make it evident where your team needs to get better. What will you do today to help the team finish the Sprint? Make learning a habit by putting it on the agenda. High value work that doesn’t take a lot of effort. After all, affecting change is much about leadership and sharing a clear vision. Crisis Management – Establishing methods and policies to be used when an organization’s operations become involved in an emergency affecting the public. That is what PR teams do best. Utter madness. Or worse: you might end up buying software that in the end doesn’t solve your public relations workflow problems. It may not be obvious, but it’s likely your PR workflow needs an upgrade. Let’s go. You can always improve on your system later. In this circumstance, you’re usually missing out on valuable contributions from the rest of the team. The PR team is responsible for turning company actions into positive press. If you’d like to go deeper into change management, I recommend the free e-book A Communicator’s Guide to Successful Change Management by Craig Pearce. Overheads will be the lowest they can be when one person can complete a task from start to finish. According to Ohno, the industrial engineer that created the Toyota Production System, documenting the standard of working is the beginning and end of the kaizen process. Dot-stickers are ideal for this. My team at outreach software builders Prezly helps communications teams get out of Excel hell. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Raf recently also got interviewed about this in the Wag The Dog Podcast. Most PR teams consist of a collection of executive-level leaders who set policy and a hierarchy beneath to create and distribute content. 4 Must-Have Roles for a Winning Communications Team Structure Communications team structure starts with a great coach. Waiting for a client to approve social media updates. When writing or delivering a statement, stay professional. Danny Whatmough, Head of Social, EMEA, Weber Shandwick. Are you up to speed? This is the fastest way to get an overview of software and to see whether the software will be a good match to your needs. PR agencies are in the service business. Give the participants a head start by introducing a model that helps them … These skill gaps are roughly the same as they were the last time the survey was done. The PR industry is changing so fast that change is becoming inherent to the job. There are many reasons for a PR workflow to be sub-par. The public relations industry is quite behind on this technological progress. Use models for structure. Just last night, we had a conversation about one client who keeps wanting links solely to their home page. The issues we face in practice are well documented: measurement, media, paid, planning, and workflow. The complete PESO overview can act as a to do-list for subsequent workshops that dive deeper into each sub-workflow. You first step is to get buy-in from seniors in your team. The pattern of the Facebook organizational structure is vertical-based as shown below. Staff structure of the Public Relations Department may depend on the field and business peculiarities of an organization. If correcting some bad data, it’s important to come across as helpful and calm, to help the public image that this is an innocent mistake. It is easy to go overboard by going into too much detail. So you found software and you want to start using it? You need to make sure this exercise stays valuable. They are adding owned media, paid media, and shared media to their traditional earned media offering. Start with a test project with a compact team. In recent years, many software solutions for communications teams have emerged. One of the big reasons that most agencies have not invested in reengineering their agency model is down to the money it has taken to do this (£500,000 by our last count) and also the lack of digital knowledge of most agency owners, who have grown up in a very traditional PR career. Make sure every level and area of the workflow you’ll tackle is represented. A simple technique is to take the value overview your team has already worked on and implement “dot voting” for each task. The Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising departments have plenty of overlap, but each one has its own specific role. Read more about FINN’s journey to becoming a lean PR agency in founder Raf Weverbergh’s 3-part blog post. First, let’s understand the current state of your workflow. Now you need to decide which waste you’d like to reduce first. When you start Googling software solutions, you’ll likely get overwhelmed with the large number of solutions and all their different possibilities.

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