1. Mint on your, window sill will keep away flies and bad fortune. She created this podcast after writing “Big Magic.” "Storytelling is in Hoffman's bones, and the skill with which she dispense information and compresses time, so that a year passes in a sentence, so that a tragedy witnessed becomes the propeller for a hundred-page subplot, is (forgive me) bewitching. The best selling author of “Eat Pray Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert helps young minds overcome their fears and become the amazing artists they have always wanted to be. Copyright © 2020 Alice Hoffman. We'll cover current events and news, podcast strategy, tools we're using, and dip into the Customer Support mailbag to test our podcasting knowledge. We speak at a normal pace, but not too fast. The power of a spell increased with the waxing moon, and decreased with the waning moon. But as if in a trance, Alice Hoffman spun her magic and the pages were turning faster and faster and I devoured this book in two sittings. Featured. No one tells a story like Alice can, and I only hope she finds a way to bring this magical family back to us again in the future. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. the thirteenth moon, always most special, the Blue Moon. By the age of five, Maria had been taught how to turn a baby in its mother’s womb, how to grind a bird’s bones into a powder to combat sleeplessness, how to identify the symptoms of a fever or a pox. "— Publisher's Weekly, "I so wanted to read this slowly and savor every page since this may be the last time we get to venture into this world of magic and the Owens family. Always love someone who will love you back. Bonus podcast on Spotify: 2 Girls 1 Podcast We may be biased (OK, we’re definitely biased), but our new podcast, 2 Girls 1 Podcast , is worth being added to your weekly rotation. You could file this under motivational or self-help podcast. Belladonna, though poisonous, can, cause visions and give the power of the sight. Maria grew up watching such transactions, always after night fell, for no one wished to be seen at the witch’s door. Magic Lessons is for the creative thinker! Go behind the magic! Being a witch is a way of life. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Maria only had to touch a clump of nettle once without gloves to learn her lesson. Magic Playlist is an intelligent algorithm developed under Spotify's API that enables users to create a playlist based on a song. She didn’t have to be hurt twice to be wary, and she knew early on that love could be either a blessing or a curse. This year’s guest experts include Neil Gaiman, Gary Shteyngart, Amy … Essential oil. Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors of the world, both imagined and real, in a truly unique format. This browser doesn't support Spotify Web Player. My current reality feels chaotic and confusing; to have a narrator take my hand and tell me that Indian root and yarrow will cure a racing heart, that witches turn silver dull with their touch, is an undiluted pleasure. With schools and workplaces closed around the world, parents are facing a new challenge: getting work done while keeping their kids safe and entertained—and maybe even helping them learn something. Wormwood is poisonous, but can be, used for divination. Sage to purify. It joins Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" and more recently, Keija Parssinen's "The Unraveling of Mercy Louis," in exploring mass hysteria and witch hunts in artistic works. When a baby refused to be born or would not nurse, when a child was ailing and feverish, when a husband strayed, when a candle burst into flame of its own accord, marking a spirit lurking nearby, women came to Hannah Owens’ door, and for the price of some eggs, or a pitcher of goat’s milk, or, in the most difficult cases, a broach or a ring, a remedy could be found. Here she invokes the curse that will haunt her family. Buzzcast podcast on demand - Buzzcast is a roundtable podcast about podcasting from the people at Buzzsprout. Then, edutainer Jill Noll the magic doll stops by to edutain listeners about magic. Where does the story of the Owens bloodline begin? Magic Lessons. Stitcher Podcast Addict Overcast Pocket Casts CastBox Download MP3. She’d had it built by a local carpenter, a fellow no one would hire due to a deformity at birth, a simple, honest man who later claimed the old woman had blessed him and given him a salve she had concocted from her apothecary garden that had made his withered arm bloom and become whole again. These 20–30-minute podcasts will have you gripped from day one and the lessons will stay with you for your own projects, for sure! Love is the only thing that matters. The Customer Experience Podcast brings together leaders from marketing, sales, customer success, and beyond to share best practices for exceptional service. Listen to an excerpt from the audiobook below read by Sutton Foster. She had been given close instructions on which herbs were best to gather, carrying them home in a basket or in the skirt of her long apron. 3. In Depth Comprehensive Astrology Reading . Holly leads to dream magic, but can be poisonous, Blackthorn can return evil to the, sender. I love podcasts because you can listen to something about nearly every topic possible and learn more about things that interest you. Time and time again, it was love. Subscribe to Podcast. [COMEDY] Brass Tacks Podcast | Episode 62 - Podtober - The Magic and Spirituality Podcast NSFW YouTube // Apple Podcasts // Spotify The boys are back and this time they have their sights set on the Magic and Spirituality Podcast! A new-ish feature to Spotify is the addition of Podcasts. Dr. Ed Mazza joins Dr. Taylor Marshall to analyze these terms and provide a context for them in our times in relation to the USA, Europe, China, … There were sympathetic inks that few knew of; a scribe could write with one and it would not be seen until a second ink was used, or when lime juice, milk, or vinegar were brushed onto the paper, and then, after heat was applied, the message would suddenly be visible. Hoffman's book swept me away during a time I most needed it. However, in my opinion, it’s not rolled out great just yet. Since we are from Mexico City, our accent is very neutral and easy to understand. Hannah had been an orphan herself, but she had been raised in the scullery of a royal house to do kitchen work, and there the tutor for the family’s sons had taken it upon himself to allow her into the library and teach her to read. RSS Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify More. makes its podcast debut. She cast her spells while lighting a candle. '" —Booktrib, "In a novel with eerie parallels to the present day, Alice Hoffman delivers "Magic Lessons," the strongest in the trio of her novels about the Owens women, this one set in the 17th-century England and America. Get your mindset in check, define your magic and make manifestation easy AF with the Mindset Magic and Manifestation Podcast presented by Mikayla Jai! Hannah Owens lived apart from the delusions and bad intentions of men, as deep in the forest as possible, in a small cottage hidden by vines. “Always love someone who will love you back.”. Guests bring to the interview a handful of objects that have inspired their work. Hannah knew the woods as well as anyone. Don’t tell anyone else how you did it! She knew that counting the knots on a lilac bush could predict the number of cold spells and that if you lit a bit of snow with some tinder and it melted quickly the snow on the ground would soon disappear. Read an Excerpt from Magic Lessons Hannah Owens lived apart from the delusions and bad intentions of men, as deep in the forest as possible, in a small cottage hidden by vines. Always meet and depart from inside a circle. For a more behind the scenes look at Holiday World, check out our Podcast, which releases a new episode every two weeks. Having manifested her dream life of luxury travel, a Tesla, multiple 6-figure earning business and so much more by the age of 21 years old - she's teaching you exactly HOW she did it. Check out "Magic Lessons" on your favorite podcast app and look for Big Magic to hit store shelves on September 22. You will be happy to learn that yes, fairies are real and so are dragons. Site by AuthorBytes. 99.00. sale. Plus, the first artificial intelligence guest P.A.I.G.E. And it is here that she learns the rules of magic and the lesson that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. Listen to Alice discuss Magic Lessons on the Zibby Owens podcast Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books. Honor the twelve full moons in a year from December until. knots, mirrors, black glass, brass bowls, pure water, blood, Nettle will give protection and return evil to sender. By the end, Maria -- and all of us -- will come to realize that 'love is the only answer. To play this content, you'll need the Spotify app. I simply loved this book - it's everything you want from Alice Hoffman - a great story of love and magic! White for health, black for expunging sorrow, red for love. Welcome! Hannah Owens was unusual not only for her kindness and herbal knowledge, but for the stunning fact that she could both write and read, a rare skill, for a working woman in the country was expected to have no more formal learning than a plow horse and ninety percent were illiterate. 112: WHERE TO START WITH SPIRITUALITY, HOW TO KNOW WHAT PRACTICES TO DO, GUIDANCE FOR BEGINNERS, SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS, 111: MANIFESTING SUCCESS X FULFILLMENT, PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS, CREATING SPACE FOR INTEGRATION, ALLOWING YOURSELF TO ENERGETICALLY EVOLVE, 110: HOW TO GET UNBLOCKED, RELEASE STAGNANT ENERGY, EXPAND INTO YOUR POTENTIAL, HEAT UP YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH, 109: LAW OF ATTRACTION VS MANIFESTATION, HOW TO USE LOA TO INCREASE YOUR MANIFESTATIONS, INCREASING YOUR MAGNETISM, LAW OF ATTRACTION ACTIVATED WITH ENERGY MANAGEMENT, 108: MY BFF KALEB, OUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY + GROWTH TOGETHER, MANIFESTING FRIENDS START YOUR SELF WORTH, BEING ALL OF YOU OPENS YOU TO ALL OF THE THINGS, 107: FEELING FULFILLED, GETTING INSPIRATION BACK, WHAT ARE YOUR PRIORITIES, HYPER SELF AWARENESS AROUND HAPPINESS, 106: TIMING OF YOUR LIFE, SUCCESS COMPARISON, FALL AND GET BACK UP MINDSET, CREATING MEANING IS F*CKING YOUR MINDSET, 105: HOLDING MORE ENERGY, UNIVERSE GIVES YOU WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE, EXPANDING YOUR RECEIVING VIBES, MANIFESTING MORE BY STRENGTHENING YOUR VIBES, 104: TREATING MONEY LIKE YOUR BFF, HOW YOU RELATE TO MONEY, MONEY IS ENERGY, ANGEL NUMBERS = MONEY NUMBERS, 103: WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO BE YOUR NEXT LEVEL SELF, BEING BETTER, SHOWING UP IN A HIGH STANDARD, 102: HOW TO ADAPT QUICKLY, START OVER ANYTIME, MAKE BIG DECISIONS, PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTS, 101: SPIRITUAL CHEAT CODES TO ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS FASTER WITH CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS, 100: UP LEVEL YOUR MONEY MINDSET, RELEASE MONEY RESISTANCE, ALLOWING YOURSELF TO RECEIVE, HOW TO STOP OVERTHINKING MANIFESTING, 99: RELEASING RITUAL, JOURNAL PROCESS FOR CREATING ENERGETIC SPACE, WE ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO DO, 98: MANIFESTING MOVING TO CALIFORNIA FROM NEBRASKA, THE POWER OF DECISION, SECOND GUESSING AND DOUBT ARE THE CULPRITS, 97: CHANGING YOUR IDENTITY, WHEN YOU'VE CHANGED, CHOOSING WHO YOU WANT TO BE, TEACH PEOPLE ABOUT THE NEW YOU, USING THIS AS A MANIFESTATION TOOL, 96: DROPPING THE STRUGGLE ONCE AND FOR ALL, WHY ARE YOU CLINGING TO IT BEING HARD, MANIFESTATION CAN BE EASY, 95: SHIFTING YOUR VIBE, MOVING ENERGY FOR MAXIMUM MANIFESTATION, VIBRATIONS NOT ATTACHMENTS, 94: TOP 5 CONSCIOUSNESS HACKS TO MANIFEST MORE, HAVE MORE ENERGY, CREATION ENERGY, EXPERIENCES AND EYES ON THE QUANTUM PRIZE, 93: TRUSTING THE PROCESS, HOLDING THE FAITH + VISION, WISHFUL THINKING AND CONVINCING ACTION, 92: BEING IN THE MANIFESTATION IN-BETWEEN, THE INITIATION, YOU'RE STUCK UNTIL YOU'RE NOT, CHOOSING HIGHER STANDARDS, 91: ELEVATING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS WITHIN THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS, DIMENSIONAL AWARENESS, WHAT ARE THE DIMENSIONS, WHY DO I USE THEM, 90: GROUNDING DURING UNCERTAINTY, STAYING CONNECTED TO YOURSELF AND THE UNIVERSE, BEING UNSHAKEABLE, LEARNING ADAPTABILITY IS THE BEST MEDICINE, 89: CHELSEA RIFFE - GIVING UP COMFORT FOR FULFILLMENT, FOLLOWING YOUR CALLING TO MORE, MANIFESTING A MOVE TO AUSTRALIA, CHOOSING POSITIVE EXPECTATION, MINDFUL MOVEMENT AND SLOWING DOWN, 88: TIANA MI - LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, WHAT CONSCIOUS WORKER TYPE ARE YOU, DARK CONSCIOUSNESS IS NOT EVIL, AUTOMATIC MANIFESTATION AT THE NEXT CONSCIOUS LEVEL, DEITY DNA, 87: TAKING CARE OF YOUR INNER CHILD, FRANTIC MANIFESTATION IS NOT REQUIRED, ALIGNMENT FROM FLOW NOT FORCE, RECEIVING ENERGY, DOING WHAT FEELS GOOD, 86: YOUR VIBRATION WILL CREATE MORE RESULTS THAN YOU EVER COULD, BEING PARADIGM, CONCENTRATED ENERGY, SHIFTING INTO ALIGNMENT, 85: LINDSAY MYERS - FIGURE SH*T OUT MENTALTIY, MANIFESTING TRAVEL ON ANY BUDGET, BE WILLING TO TRUST, BEING ON BRAVO, MANIFESTING A REALITY SHOW, WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU AND YOUR LIFE, 84: SPIRIT GUIDES 101, HOW TO MEET YOURS, WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR YOU, HOW TO COMMUNICATE + ACTUALLY GET THEIR HELP, RITUALS FOR CONNECTING, 83: INCREASE SELF LOVE TO INCREASE RECEIVING, RELEASING SELF JUDGEMENT, SELF LOVE THAT GOES BEHIND SOUL DEEP NOT JUST SKIN DEEP, 82: MANIFESTING A LIFE OF CONTINUAL UPGRADES, UP LEVELING IS ALWAYS HAPPENING, THE ENERGY OF NEXT LEVEL RECEIVING OF MONEY + DESIRES, 81: TUNING INTO YOUR SPIRITUALITY, MEETING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES, LEARNING ABOUT PAST LIVES, HOW TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM, 80: TRUSTING THE REARRANGING OF THE UNIVERSE, LAUGHING AT THE CHAOS, ALLOWING THE CALM WHILE KEEPING UP DISCIPLINE, MEANING OF MONEY, TUNNEL VISION, 79: NO SUCH THING AS A PROBLEM, RECONSTRUCTING YOUR MINDSET, HOW I'M BUILDING NEW BELIEFS, MINDSET CHALLENGES, WHEN AN OLD PARADIGM THOUGHT COMES UP, SHIFTING, 78: NICOLE NAM - FITNESS MINDSET, MANIFESTING YOUR BEST HEALTH AND BEST BODY, SELF ACCEPTANCE, CONSISTENCY, SKINNY HACKS, MAKING PROGRESS TOWARDS YOUR GOALS, 77: WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S NOT HAPPENING, WHEN YOU THINK THE UNIVERSE IS TELLING YOU NO, YOU NEED TO CONTINUE SAYING YES, 76: SAMANTHA DAILY - OVERCOMING COMPARISON, TAKING THE LEAP TO TRAVEL, FUNDING YOUR TRIPS, FINDING YOUR PURPOSE, GROWTH THROUGH TRAVEL, GROUNDING RITUALS, MAINTAINING A HIGH VIBE AFTER VACAY, 75: ACTING AS IF HACKS, EMBODYING NEXT LEVEL YOU, REMAINING IN POSITIVE EXPECTATION, VISUALIZATION EXERCISES, MAKING MANIFESTING A GAME, 74: PS I'M ELLA - MANIFESTING WITH A STRONG AURA, KUNDALINI MAGIC + RITUALS, FINDING SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS, USING NLP TO CLEAR BLOCKS, MIXING ALL THE WOO PRACTICES FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS, 73: RACHAEL HUNT - DOING SHADOW WORK, REMOVING BLOCKS TO HIT YOUR NEXT LEVEL, AT-HOME DIY NLP TECHNIQUES FOR GROWTH, FREEDOM LIFESTYLE TIPS, GUCCI BUYS, 72: HANNAH ASHTON ON MANIFESTING AND RELIGION, BEING CHRISTIAN AND SETTING BIG GOALS, ALLOWING GOD TO WORK THROUGH YOU, DEVOTIONS AND DAILY PRACTICES, CREATING TIME TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF, 71: GETTING INTO THE ABUNDANCE VORTEX, FLIPPING YOUR MONEY MINDSET TO BECOME AN ABUNDANT BABE, RAISE YOUR ENERGETIC MINIMUMS, RITUALS FOR SPEEDING UP THE VORTEX AND MONEY PATTERNS WITH VIOLA HUG, 70: TAKING QUANTUM RISKS FOR QUANTUM RESULTS, BE WILLING TO PUT IT ON THE LINE, PERSISTING IF YOU TRULY WANT IT, BET ON YOURSELF FOR ONCE, HAVING IT ALL THE WIN BACK, 69: FROM PRACTICAL TO MAGICAL, LEARNING TO TRUST WHEN YOU VALUE SECURITY, HOW TO OPEN UP TO THE WOO MORE WITH JOE JOHN, MANIFESTING SIGNS, PAST LIVES, GHOSTS, ALIENS AND MORE, 68: A NEW CONVERSATION AROUND WEALTH MINDSET, FEELING RICH JUST FEELS NORMAL, MANIFESTING BALENCIAGAS, MY TIPS TO START STEPPING INTO WEALTH, 67: USING THE MOON TO MANIFEST ALL THE THINGS, MOON RITUALS, MOON PHASES, MANIFESTING POWERS DURING SPECIFIC PHASES, MOON VISUALIZATION, 66: RITUALS FOR MANIFESTATION, HOW TO CREATE AN AT-HOME SPIRITUAL ALTAR, KEEPING HIGH VIBE AFTER TRAVELING, CRUSHING YOUR GOALS WITH INTENTION, 65: MANIFESTING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS AND INFLUENCER LIFESTYLE WHILE TRAVELING THE WORLD, MY TOP FIVE TIPS FOR RUNNING A BUSINESS ON THE ROAD, STARTING YOUR BUSINESS, MANIFESTING 10K MONTHS, 64: TAKING INSPIRED ACTION WITHOUT 'THE HOW' STRESS, SELF LOVE TIPS, MAKING MANIFESTATION LESS CONFUSING, MY BEST BUSINESS MANIFESTING HACKS AND MORE Q&A, 63: HOW TO STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK, STRIPPING YOU BACK TO WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE, THE BIG FOUR QUESTIONS, MANIFESTING WITHOUT TIMELINES, ENERGY IS ENERGY IS ENERGY, 62: MY TOP 5 MANIFESTATION HACKS TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT QUICKLY, WHAT I'M DOING TO MANIFEST IN BALI, RAISING YOUR VIBE WITH THESE HACKS, 61: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU'RE MEANT FOR MORE, CALL IN UNKNOWN MIRACLES AND DOWNLOADS, CONNECT BACK TO FAITH AND UNCERTAINTY, CREATE SPACE FOR CHANNELED MESSAGES, LOOKING FOR THE SIGNS, 60: FEELING YOUR WAY TO MANIFESTING, FOCUSING ON THE EMOTIONS INSTEAD OF THE THINGS, BRINGING YOUR POWER BACK TO YOURSELF, LOOKING INWARD, STOP EXTERNALIZING, 59: MANIFESTING FAME, GUCCI BLAZERS AND CHLOE BAGS WITH CHAKRAS AND GODDESSES, COMMITTING TO THE WORK, DAILY PRACTICES AND EXPRESSION WITH AMBER-LEE LYONS, 58: LETTING YOURSELF SLOW DOWN, CYCLES OF MANIFESTING, NAVIGATING CHANGES AND HUGE UP LEVELS, ALLOWING YOURSELF SPACE, MELTDOWN PREVENTION, LEARN TO LOVE CHANGE, 57: CREATING RITUALS FOR DAILY MANIFESTATION, RELEASING RITUALS WHEN YOU HAVE RESISTANCE, SPIRITUAL TOOLS FOR YOUR DAILY PRACTICE, AND MY BEST TIPS FOR SHIFTING, 56: ALIGNING WITH A GLOWING LIFESTYLE, PRACTICES FOR EMOTIONAL DECLUTTERING, MANIFESTING AFFORDABLE TRAVEL OFTEN, GLOWING FROM THE INSIDE OUT WITH MARTINA FINK, 55: LIVING BASED ON THE RULES YOU CREATE, GETTING WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE, TURNING UP THE HEAT IN YOUR LIFE, BUSINESS BABE ENERGY, MAKING SPACE FOR MONEY, PROCESSING MONEY ANXIETIES, 54: USE YOUR INNER FEMININE ENERGY TO MANIFEST MONEY, LIVE A RICH AND RADIANT LIFE, BALANCE YOUR MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGIES AS AN EXCUSE FOR ALL THE SELF CARE WITH HAYLEY TAPPER, 53: FREE UPGRADE AT THE RITZ CARLTON, MINOR MELTDOWNS, CELEB SIGHTINGS, MANIFESTING THROUGH CERTAINTY, FINESSING OLD MEN AND MAKING TRAVEL YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, 52: SEEING YOURSELF AT THE NEXT LEVEL, PARALLEL REALITIES, QUANTUM LEAPING, CLAIRVOYANCE, HAVING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES ON SPEED DIAL WITH JESSICA REID, 51: SPIRITUALITY 101, SPIRIT GUIDES, ANGELS, SIGNS OF SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS, MEDIUMS VS PSYCHICS, HOW TO USE YOUR GUIDES TO MANIFEST WITH ERICA RUSSO, 50: MATERIALISTIC AND SPIRITUAL, PRIVATE JETS AND PRIVATE REIKI SESSIONS, FOLLOWING YOUR HAPPINESS TO RAISE YOUR VIBE, FIND WHAT MOTIVATES YOU, STEP INTO WHAT FEELS NEXT LEVEL, 49: MANIFESTING YOUR NEXT LEVEL SELF THROUGH FASHION, WHY CONFIDENCE IS THE CORE OF YOUR NEXT LEVEL, CHEETAH PRINT IS THE NEW NEUTRAL, SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION THROUGH FASHION WITH ELISSA FROM STYLED BY E, 48: SHIFT ANY LOW VIBE MOOD, MY HACK FOR SHIFTING YOUR VIBE, UP LEVELING PATTERNS, NEXT LEVEL SELF INTEGRATION TIPS, 47: MANIFESTING A LIFE TRANSFORMATION, MORE CONFIDENCE, MORE MONEY, MORE PRODUCTIVITY AND MORE FREEDOM WITH KIM ROHRBACHER, 46: OBSESS OVER THE HOW LESS, REMOVE BLOCKS, EFFECTIVELY MANIFEST AND DECIDE ON YOUR SUCCESS Q&A, 45: MANIFESTING WITH CANDLES, ASTRAL VISUALIZATION, RITUALS AND MORE WITH KELLY DAWN, 44: FIVE BULLSHIT BELIEFS THAT KEEP YOU SMALL, BROKE AND A HOT MESS TO GET RID OF ASAP, 43: IS YOUR CHILD BRAIN SABOTAGING YOU AND UNCOVERING YOUR MONSTER UNDER THE BED WITH KIM FISKE, 42: HOW TO UP-LEVEL + INTEGRATE NEW BELIEFS AND BECOME AN ENERGETIC MATCH FOR EVERYTHING, 41: MONEY MINDSET, REWRITING YOUR MONEY STORY, MONEY MANIFESTING HACKS, 40: BEING "STUCK" ISN'T REAL, WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK, 3 STEPS TO SHIFT YOUR ENERGY, 39: 8 THINGS SLOWING DOWN YOUR MANIFESTATIONS + TYING RELIGION WITH MANIFESTATION W/ CHRISTINE HAYES, 38: MANIFESTING A FREEDOM-BASED LIFESTYLE, SEEING KYLIE JENNER & ACTION TAKING W/FREEDOM BABE KELLY, 37: HAVING IT ALL, MANIFESTING 100K, GETTING GROUNDED WITH GENICCA WHITNEY, 36: NLP TO TAPPING, TOOLS TO SHIFT YOUR ENERGY EASILY AND GETTING HIGH VIBE WITH BROOKE ALEXANDER, 35: MAKING MANIFESTATION PRACTICAL AF, SIMPLIFY THE PROCESS & TAKING INSPIRED ACTION, 34: MANIFESTING FREE/PAID TRAVEL, MANIFESTING WHILE TRAVELING & BECOMING YOUR NEXT LEVEL SELF, 33: MINDSET + SOCIAL MEDIA, DAILY RITUALS, AUTHENTICITY & HAPPINESS W/ JESS OF STUDIO 99, 31: CURBING DOUBT, SELF LOVE & FEELING WORTHY IN MANIFESTATION W/ BECCA HAWKINS, 30: BEING PSYCHIC, PARANORMAL SHIZ, DEVELOP YOUR ABILITIES, 29: YOUR MAGICK & GETTING WITCHY WITH IT W/ AFURA NEFERTITI, EPISODE 28: NEW MANIFESTATIONS // CARS PAYCHECKS ABS + MORE, EPISODE 27: YOGA FOR EVERYTHING WITH BREE, CRYSTALS & MORE.

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