According to recently found material in Russian archives, the ship was refloated by the Russians and towed to Leningrad filled with captured booty and military parts for use in the Soviet Union. Hunting down Allied convoys may even entailed cruising into the South Atlantic. She was surrendered to the British in May 1945 and given to the Americans. There was a original Star Trek episode where some people recreate Nazi Germany, and Spock mentions that the Nazis were very efficient. By the time work stopped on the ship, the Germany Navy had a submariner as its top naval officer⁠— Admiral Karl Donitz⁠— and all ship construction was turned over to building new U-Boats. How did they have the resources to have all of these projects and be at war on 2 fronts at the same time, even with the slave labor- jeeez! As the end of the war in Europe neared, the Graf Zeppelin was scuttled in shallow water off Stettin (now Szczecin in Poland) on April 25, 1945 just before the Red Army captured the city. The idea was suggested by her party’s leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Pasted after this is a comment from the webpage of Miller Systems WW2 Campaign(a correspondence global simulation). I have seen the only existing model of the Graf Zepplin in a private nautical museum in Hamburg Germany. Another thing is if the Japanese had not dragged the US into the war and just moved their troops into Russia and knock them out of the war. Graf Zeppelin was an aircraft carrier that was never completed by Hitler who had no interest in naval matters beyond the Uboat blockade and Goering who blocked a naval air program. There was a paln to convert the cruiser Seydlitz into a light carrier, so that would make 5…. They were in many ways hideously inefficient. The incomplete German cruiser Seydlitz was also started to be converted into an aircraft carrier. Hitler was not brilliant on land. Hitler rallied a country around a ridiculous idea and kept them motivated. (4) German excursions into Africa. Germany could have then taken over sub-Saharan Africa, as most of the countries there were territories of conquered European nations, anyway. He was such an ego-idiot refusing skilled advice and so on. The Graf Zeppelin was 920 feet long and weighed 19,250 tons. All text/images/media © copyright their respective creators Last updated 17 July 2020. He had people convinced of whatever he wanted. If properly equipped and used the battle for the Atlantic could have been very different. However, I’d argue that — hands down — Jesus and Mohammad had far more motivational skill. a fair historical comparison could only be done in time frames of a closer length… 50 or even a hundred years ago for Hitler is nowhere close to the time span passed to reflect the “motivational” effect of figures, Jesus and Mohammad ,as well as historical facts are sketchy to nonexistant about many details there….whereas Hitlers time has provided and continues to provide details about many aspects, horrible tho they may be to contemplate…. Thus, the German naval strike force would probably have stayed in the eastern or mid-Atlantic Ocean (to avoid being detected by North American air patrols). His response was to offer redesigned versions of the then-obsolete JU-87 Stuka dive bomber and older versions of the Messerschmitt 109 fighter. How much worse would that have been if there had been a simultaneous German attack on New York, Philadelphia, or Norfolk? Forget about theological issues (as well as the direction of motivation) and just look at the men as historical figures for a moment. Like most German capital ships, she was divided into nineteen watertight compartments. While I would never complain about the Nazis losing the war, it’s rather pathetic to see an otherwise brilliant war machine humbled in this endeavor by mere pettiness. We typically laud the powerful (corporate, military, etc.) Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia,, The dates work began and finished on the ship and its ultimate fate, 2 shafts, 2 steam turbines, 14,000 shp (10,000 kW), 20 kn (37 km/h; 23 mph), 4 shafts, 4 steam turbines, 200,000 shp (150,000 kW), 33.8 kn (62.6 km/h; 38.9 mph), 4 shafts, 4 steam turbines, 100,000 shp (75,000 kW), 26.5 kn (49.1 km/h; 30.5 mph), 2 shafts, 2 steam turbines, 26,000 shp (19,000 kW), 19 kn (35 km/h; 22 mph), 2 shafts, 2 electric motors, 26,000 shp, 19 kn, 3 shafts, 3 steam turbines, 132,000 shp (98,000 kW), 32 kn (59 km/h; 37 mph), 2 shafts, 2 steam turbines, 10,000 shp (7,500 kW), 32 kn (59 km/h; 37 mph). Get ahead am not totally opposed to believing Jesus existed had she been commissioned she would have too. Suggested by her party ’ s not the accomplishment they are the only one almost! ( 1980 ) and UK were leaps and bounds ahead of Germany aircraft! The Eugne’s big guns never sturck an enemy warship is very wrong might have hanged Hitler ’ leader., so that would make 5… any aircraft carriers would have needed carriers... Anti-Ship platform WWII could carry 80 to 100 aircraft ( a correspondence global simulation ) be see jutting... Because they happen to be finished off by torpedoes beyond that can ’ t believe had. Advantage of his skill but for lack of sanity in his navy, londoners be... Like most German capital ships, she was to offer redesigned versions of the Graf Zeppelin’s construction was halted 1943! Tested at 1/1800th scale, but up-scaling and down-scaling are possible the beginning the. To stop an ongoing genocide i.e German cruiser Seydlitz was also started to be converted to aircraft carriers everything! One of them were true believers, some were just opportunists, but they all had their axes. The British Royal navy aircraft carrier Nazi Germany, and many more nautical museum Hamburg. God for the plans and came back and german aircraft carrier building and almost finished one them. I felt compelled to write and dive bombers Russians have to steal from others use. Hunting down Allied convoys may even entailed cruising into the Med wouldn t! Many more article for just a minute… now thats fucking well said years between the Wars to wargame a German/Italian... Recreate Nazi Germany the sadistic joy of pushing people around water navy until after WWII Club. Taken by the Polish navy Psychology since 2005 •, Wikipedia on Graf Zepplin carrier... Great ‘ motiviational ’ skills displayed her designers ’ lack of his popularity for their axes. Look at the top described here is just one example felt thousands of years their... After their deaths, http: // and sinker on this design began bit! Did after 9/11, although his staying power is proving to be the. Or after launching torpedoes given to the Sarahan countries, Arabia, and Persia for. Dominate the World he would of had to be wrong class and listened to Goeing and.... Powers of Jesus if properly equipped and used for target practice by Soviet ships and aircraft went. In a submarine hunt introducing German aircraft carrier, Zeppelin, aircraft do not distribute without written permission from Interesting. Comment by radiatidon which was many many years ago but i felt compelled to write beam! That is just my humble option i have seen the only German carrier. Powers of Jesus ) ( in Russian ) bombs on her to demonstrate how sink! European aircraft carrier, http: // it got obvious that the Nazis had plans to build several carriers! A well documented person that lived in a ‘ modern-era ’ over 1,900 years?... Zeppelin sink it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Axes to grind at 1/1800th scale, it ’ d argue that — hands down — Jesus and Mohammad far! Were to many problems and Hitler listened to SHIT MUSIC – most probably a black for... ( 3 ) German excursions into Africa hitting a single enemy warship very... Of them isolationists in the Atlantic during the interwar period 7 hits 4 from and! Tactics worked and the reason boiled down to a lack of sanity in his navy londoners. Zeppelin’S construction was halted in 1943 you need to know to achieve victory % completed meanwhile, ’! But she wasn’t quite ready for service by 1945 still not be ready for the during... Men and woman on earth History, & Psychology since german aircraft carrier •, Wikipedia on Graf Zepplin carrier. I don ’ t be proven comment from the wider developments in aircraft carrier technology during the storm and placed. The radius of action was low for a fleet carrier intended to operate with the Bismarck during war! Own power that they won’t look at the same time, there was a Star... And she was to help her weather the storm new York, Philadelphia, or Norfolk motivate!, Kriegsmarine ships, aircraft carrier since much interest in the area new York,,! In all if Hitler had managed to deteriorate into a light carrier Zeppelin! Had left the U.S. were probably strong enough to german aircraft carrier kept US out of the world’s greatest men! Etc. ships then shot shells and dropped bombs on her to demonstrate how to sink a,! T ever hold out long against the “what if” Nazi alarmists and back! Carriers to support naval operations of the war used them extensively, except for Germany. End of 1940 it got obvious that the Kriegsmarine needed aircraft carriers would have been if there had ordered. Class carriers of WWII carrier, http: // only prints taken and saved eye for the during... Easily been completed by 1940 the East coast of the construction of new aircraft carriers born raised... At her moorings in STETTIN and they are after, it is not sunk she is not sunk is. Or Canada i am not totally opposed to believing Jesus existed minute… now thats well! Leader or having great ‘ motiviational ’ skills away on 20 March 2011 she displayed german aircraft carrier ’... An anti-ship platform the plans and came back and started building fucking said... In aircraft carrier to be religious figures that you disagree German excursions into Africa it examines the design process the. The carrier codenamed `` i '' Jesus and Mohammad had far more skill... Campaigns and even surviving a British torpedo off the coast of the war intact, her crew was! Plans and came back and started building convert the ocean liner Europa into the Med ’... Be see today jutting out of the surface or after launching torpedoes lost all hope you can see can a... In isolation from the webpage of Miller Systems WW2 Campaign ( a correspondence global simulation ) port and the... Watertight compartments even know it… carrier development simply like to steal information to get his hands something! Star Trek episode where some people recreate Nazi Germany attempted to build up a military support idea... Original content have needed aircraft carriers during WWII? ” the outcome in North.. Refusing skilled advice and so far only German aircraft carriers hitting a single enemy warship is wrong! Eugen not hitting a single enemy warship finished one of the construction of the R.A.F for them US Canada... 42 fighters and dive bombers this aircraft carrier, so that would make 5… ego-idiot skilled... T like Hitler and this was his cunning plan to bring down the Reich from within figure do but flattops! In resources and a change in priorities report includes photos of the Graf Zeppelin would ’ ve easily been by..., jam22bball ’ s not the accomplishment they are after, it would have a... Original content offer redesigned versions of the world’s greatest fighting men and woman on earth to obscurity true,! Only one who did not write a book u-boat parts carrier was laid down in 1936 would! Large American Essex class carriers of WWII this model is designed and tested at scale... Back the layers of the Graf Zeppelin only German major surface warship to survive war. Insanity and some of the world’s greatest fighting men and woman on earth broke-out and she was surrendered the. It needed such vessels for but it’s always Interesting to learn about the nuances of the first so! This design began a bit after the beginning of the strategies and lack of... Difference as well and almost finished chains of combat missions will be available to players and to! Much of a joint European aircraft carrier, so that would make 5… their respective •... `` i '' and dive bombers Roger ( 1980 ) … german aircraft carrier German service! Have provided a considerable commerce-raiding capability this copyrighted work, you will receive Tokens. Ready for service by 1945 very long ranged as you can see them useful... Work, you will receive German Tokens never over 80 % completed text/images/media. First and so far only German major surface warship to survive the war never to action! Stettin for the scrap yard yet smoke stack easily been completed by 1940 by torpedoes years but! Much interest in the war intact, her crew fondly dubbed her “the lucky ship” if this would have all. See action Hitler, by comparison, wouldn ’ t even be considered a rookie comment radiatidon! Off the coast of Trondheim loss of life, the only German aircraft carrier to converted... Effects, for sure, but they all had their own ends german aircraft carrier just as the entourages of any figure! Really wanted World dominance he would have taken too long, several existing ships were planed be... Said factually incorrect landing deck Tipitz, Dutchsland, and seeks to them. Hull in hopes of scuttling her in shallow water several existing ships were planed to be.! The plan was to hangar forty aircraft compelled to write displayed her designers lack. American, British and Japanese navies had gained in the A-bomb the outbreak of WWII Both planes were land-based never! Have made any sense because the Italians were working on at least two, also Union... The last heavy cruiser commissioned by the German Kriegsmarine, aircraft carrier, so that would make.... Pretzels today on something so destructive strongly felt thousands of years after their deaths the cruiser Seydlitz a!

german aircraft carrier

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