Still are but he doesn’t seem interested in either. I’m glad your little one has improved Kerry. I would happily buy another crested pigeon. I’m surprised how many people here have found native baby pigeons and not taken them to their local wildlife centre these are native birds and need proper care, if you are thinking of keeping one they only eat parrot rearing mix powder mixed with water into a runny porridge 1/3 water 2/3 mix depending on the age of the bird the younger it is the more watered down it will need to be. I was worried about how much he was eating but the vet informed that his little stomach was only the size of half your little finger nail so considering that i think now his eating has been fine. Cheers, Just keep in mind the incremin if ever one of your other birds ever get sick it really does work. One day, as I was doing my early morning run, a crested pigeon flew right in front of me on the footpath, and started walking towards me. The Crested Pigeon Habitat The well known Australian pigeon is traditionally an outback bird that has migrated in huge numbers to growing cities in the 1980s. If those who have offered are too far away. Can you contact her? Thanks Sarah I’ll do my best. I am trying to find another crested pigeon to love and care for so I am asking if your friend is planning on keeping the little bird or would you consider giving it to someone else to raise and love. I even tried blending up seed and water and still nothing. I am wondering if they plan on keeping the little bird. I would guess that they must live for quite a few years in the wild, perhaps 12-15 – but I am only guessing. My pop used to race homing pigeons and I’ve been a bird fan for years as a result so I knew all the tricks. I try to contact Sarah because she asked me where I live. What an amazing experience! But Mine is fine she is My mate and hates My partner slaps him “Which We laugh at” it hurts but anyway…….I hope the bird You released will find love and live ??? He picked up quickly after this, and I continued the medicine treatment as prescribed (45 days for doxivet, 14 days for Ronivet). I couldn’t have imagined ever opening the door on her when she was in a mood. Sure hope they don’t have a cat. It’s clearly a wild bird but apparently it has always been somewhat tame, though not as tame as it is now. I feed my pigeon budgie seed and every so often I go out and pick some fresh grass seeds. My beloved Crested Pigeon passed away three days ago after 10 years in my care. I once upon a time let My girl go also BUT a week later she flew down to My head again from a tree starving bleeding and pecked to bits so I mended her fed her and she will NEVER be set free again EVER she is happy pretends I am her mate and lays an egg in the seed dish I take her off the nest and throw the egg she gets over it…..Baby is now 3 years old I hand raised her from a tiny chick who had been blown out of the nest. I really hate to think I may have shortened his life somehow. Then i added another medicine I have for pigeons, Ronivet. This is to keep the crop healthy during rearing, which can stop working if it gets yeast. He is walking on my keyboard, as I’m writing this email. Thanks for visiting and for relating your experiences. inparticular my new fledgings (theres a gorgeous little piedface which is the only one out of them all). It is all gray with orange eyes. ; eat & drink on their own. is she still alive. It makes me wander if something has happened to him. I remember when I had Pug [strange name, but they do have squished faces! Thank you Trevor. She lays eggs with regularity. Its not very young, but how can we determine the age? We have been hand feeding it for nearly two years now and it has travelled all over Queensland sitting on the back of the car seat. If I had only known. you then put some baby bird egg mix which you buy dry from the pet shop. As far as I know there are no crested pigeons in Tassy anyway & I think as it is illegal to keep them without a permit, so I wouldn’t be able to take her. It’s quite funny though, at the moment he thinks I’m his “mate” and e\if he feels ignored he makes catching him VERY hard and won’t talk to me. i would love to keep it, but i know it should go back into the wild. Perhaps its breeding instinct kicked in and yours found some other crested pigeons to be with?. After reading a whole bunch of the comments here I’ve got the little thing to have a thanks guys I’ve learnt a lot. I don’t have any experience at looking after orphaned birds. I myself have cared for these birds from baby’s and have eventually released them back into the wild when they themselves have decided they want to go. I have no experience in caring for orphaned birds, so I suggest that you contact the wildlife carers in your area. Colouration is grey with tinges of brown. I have seen a pair of crested pigeon in pune at jogs bird breeding centre in 2006 i am found of them. If you do have any luck let me know cause I would pay alot for another crested pigeon. My pigeon was my pride and joy. Im in an area where we have alot of turtles and for ever taking them off the road and walking them down to lake. That’s awesome to hear, Karen. She (or he) is very chirpy and loves to perch on the stick in her cage (i used to have other birds). We think they were probably hand raised and either escaped or someone had let them go. I have a young one in care at the moment and what you said is my biggest fear of someone thinking he’s a pet when he is not at all. I’d love to get another one but I agree with Trevor’s sentiment above that taking birds out of the wild is cruel so I’m hoping another rescue will find its way to my door eventually. Strongly consider getting a bird de-lice spray, too. Your email address will not be published. It was only young as it still went tweet tweet. Please note: the laws about keeping native Australian birds in captivity varies from state to state. Tony. Glad that he’s happy and healthy. What should I do? The Crested Pigeon is the larger of the two species. Try to keep it quiet & feed it chicken starter crumbles, if it looks to be the same size as an adult pigion. In South Australia, for example, a few species may be kept without a permit. Not even if I tap seed on the floor, in a dish, on a towel. Crested Pigeons will breed readily in captivity but require a large – preferably planted – aviary to be really content. Hi Edith, There is a permit system for keeping native birds in captivity. Your pet must be such great fun. In addition to that requirement, most species have very specific needs to be kept successfully in captivity, especially cage size, food, nesting requirements and so on. Then, about 100m distance from the very spot where met, I have seen, as the bird makes a big circle, and landing in front of me for the third time. It concerns me though that people think that honey is the best thing that you can feed birds, but it is actually the worst thing you can feed them in most cases. Alternatively, check the phone book for the nearest bird club for advice. Hi Sue I have a female crested I raised from a chic and she is residing with 2 white doves she wing slaps them if they are annoying her but seem to get along fine. Featherless baby birds have no feathers to keep warm. do you feed it some biscuits mashed up in war water for a while then try to get it eat some seed? Thanks Trevor, I hope she can live a long live here even after we have left, she is such a loving bird. Your welcome Caroline, hope your little crested pigeon grows into the beautiful & healthy bird. Just thought I would put you straight on the permit with crested pigeons. A couple of days ago my sons dog had to be put down,he was /is feeling pretty bad. Do you know of anyone who would like to adopt it?? Depending on areas, and if Karen is unable to get to you but I am, I would be interested too. Are you trying to feed it with a spoon or a syringe?? I have found a crested pigeon in the middle of the road tonight. Within a few days I was combining the tiniest bits of grass, fresh seed, and the sort to his food, and within about two or two-and-a-half weeks, he was feeding on his own. Thanks for your good luck wish. If you have the time to look back through many of the posts here on this site, it is a common thread I am promoting, namely, the protection of our birds (and animals). Please help! There would be no better feeling for me and him than to have him fly away.Im not one for caged animals to be honest. They run with the crest erect. I hope not. Honey is certainly not suitable to feed to birds when you are caring for them. There are many who would walk straight past them. High quality Crested Pigeon gifts and merchandise. try that, hi i have gone up to my avairy this morning whihc houses 30 odd finches, a galah and a ferret. Also, how fo I determine sex? Sorry I cannot help. I don’t know where do you live. This site is about Australian birds I see in the natural environment. Too much trouble. I’ve raised a crested pigeon, I got advice from a wildlife park & it was good advice, our Cooee, as we named her/him, think it a him, is now a healthy year old. e.g. Dies geschieht in Ihren Datenschutzeinstellungen. If anybody can help or knows of somebody who can I would really appreciate it. I hope so. So I’m still having to shovel the food into her. I was feeding him ground up ‘native bird’ seed mix that was softened with boiling water, cooled, and then fed to him. There are too many birds compared to carers and the majority of their time is spent looking after larger animals. Hi Macy 1. he doesnt seem to be a juvinille and is rather friendly but a tad spooked by all the commotion. He weighed only 90 grams, with an eye very badly pecked and signs of respiratory ilness ( snot on the beak, weazing). R.I.P jackie. Cheers April. I rescued one of these lovely birds when I noticed it had been hit by a car. I have even gone to the effort to ban some people from commenting because they want to act illegally and destroy our birds – purely because they are annoying or inconvenient. , Hello! If anybody has one and they can no longer care for it please let me know or if anybody knows where I can get one please email me. I have a baby pigeon and it’s probably only a week or so old and I have no idea what to feed it. I was wondering what you feed? Good luck. They are all pure white, and would have been killed by other birds if left in the wild. There are no crested pigeon breeders that I am aware of. He let everybody too close to himself. Thanx. Thank you for your comments Macy. We used to have a pigeon like that. I let him make up his mind if he wanted to stay or go. I don’t know, who should I turn to. We wondered where the mother was, and, thinking that something must have happened to it, built a little nest in our sheltered BBQ area, and had to go out. Have another walk past where you found it and see if you can spot any pigeons hanging around in the trees. He has no fear at all!! It might have some other injuries you can’t see, & that could explain the head moving from side to side. Thanks for sharing your experiences again Denise. Thought I would just share my little story. I found a baby crested pigeon in my pool this morning, called the vet & they didnt sound too concerned so I would like to care for him, can anyone point me in the right direction where I can find the information Ill need on feeding ect’. One person recently became very irate with me for “censoring” his comments because he wanted to shoot Willie Wagtails because they kept him awake with their calling at night! A few weeks ago another pigeon turned up (not a crested pigeon, someones pet pigeon) he hung around because he fell in love with Woo but Woo HATES him and every time I pay attention to the new pigeon Woo gets mad! We’ll see. He was very tame and loving as well. Best neck warmer I’ve ever had. I’m not sure what she sees us as, but between nestings, she seems to want more contact with us. He has no energy and just sleeps all day. =D Thanks in advance for any replies he seems so sweet xx. Hi, I had a crested pigeon as a pet. and how come it’s so tame? If anyone can help please let me know. The bird is blind and cannot feed itself of fly more than a few feet. Wow please keep us posted on how Notso goes. They are a very friendly bird and actually like being around people. Any tips on the best way to make the transition? But I still have ‘Little Fella’ going strong! This species normally requires a large planted aviary and will breed readily in captivity. Cheers and good luck everyone – they are beautiful birds – but better off wild and free, and with their own flock. Sorry for the delay in answering – I have been away from my computer. ?Please could someone reply asap cos i dont know if i should just put it back. The bird followed me, flew up, and again, landed in front of me. My crested pigeon passed away last night. I found one 4 years ago and hand raised it and it became my pride and joy.¤t=P7080701.jpg. She didn’t sit on them, but it was a relief to know her gender at last. In response to Geraldine, I did notice that some other crested pigeons that live around our house were not very nice to Gussy. you will have to do that several times a day. nawwww i love hearing everyone’s stories about there crested pigeons im 15 and have found this page while looking for information on the bird. There are many organisations which not only have the knowledge to look after the animal to the highest standard, but also know how to raise it in a way that gives it the best possible chance at being released and returning to the wild. She is still out there & we supplement her feed because us humans have reduce their feed supply & added a few more predators to their world. I picked her up, she cooed and closed her eyes. You can get some baby bird food, for seed eating birds, from a pet shop. I hope that you have her email address. Check in your local library for books about keeping birds so you can get an idea of the best size aviary for them. I’d like to ask one more question, do you know how long it takes before a fledgeling can be independent? perhaps you should get him to the vet asap before they close they can arrange for a wires carer to look after him. I can’t let him go as he can’t fly well enough. Fed it with the dripper and all that and im guessing is of about 4 -6 months of age now, so eats seed and all that. They were all killed:(. What should i do? I recently started wearing a head scarf which he hated and sat on my head attacking it, so that had to go. He is now nearly one now and as cheeky as anything. (I do occasionally post about birds in walk through aviaries in zoos.). I can’t let him go to the wild, because of this. If he doesnt get well enough to fly is it ok for me to take care of him?? If i put him back outside I thought his Mum might come and get him but I dont see how she would get him back in the nest & Im scared a bigger bird will eat him/her. I later came to realize why she was attacking my feet. (I have read that the eggs have a 21 day incubation period and am assuming the egg is two or three days old.). Most mess should come off with warm water. It got disturbingly bigger over 2 months, and finally fell off, leaving a hole in his face in front of his eye. Seems like we’re being taken over, but are looking forward to watching and learning about their child-rearing. Sorry – the sexes are the same. So I’ve stuck it in a basket,one of those picnic one lol does the job. knowing the parents can feed their young i didnt know what to do, i took a look at it and all the rear feathers are missing apart from one. Young Topknot Pigeons might be confused with young White-headed Pigeons, but have a darker face, a banded tail and lack the greenish-black back. good luck and I hope the little fellow survives. She took a dislike to my moving feet and even would give a mean stare while sitting on my shoulder or hand if I was standing still but would start to move one foot side to side a little. your own Pins on Pinterest The Australian Crested Pigeon is a bird found widely throughout mainland Australia except for the far northern tropical areas. Deer Kylie I have found crested pigeon over year a go.She was foll out of nest.She is very happy.Only breeding time she make 2 to 3 egg’s 3 to 4 week’s seed on them.after live egg’s she always sad after 3 or 4 days than she is normal again.About 5 weeks a go again have 2 egg’s time pas she is getting upset more and more ,not eating much.I think best to remove them.when i did she is very upset and beets me 2 days pass still upset.I want you to help me please if you can.She needs have a partner.Male crested pigeon .Do you think you can help me.I want her to be happy . We live on the Central Coast and were wondering of you are still interested in them. Check in the phone book for contact numbers. We finally realised, that it is was a natural instinct of the parent bird, once their young were ready to look after themselves, which was about the time it started. Sounds gorgeous! I’m hoping that I can put her in a cage, with a door open for her to come & go like the domestic pigeons do. Also depending how old it is, it will like budgie seed, crushed cracker biscuits and clover, good luck , hey Trev & Jane But he got a respiratory infection Thursday night and died before I could get him to the vet. I will stay in touch and hopefully I will come back with some good news. But it’s happy living in our bathroom (can’t let it loose in the house as our house is too open & we have cats) currently as it always gets attention whenever someone goes in and now that it’s winter it has the bathroom heater so much warmer then being stuck out in a tree! Hi I’m Anette. Unfortunately crested pigeons are not high on the list for saving, as they are not endangered. I wrote to you a couple of years ago, about my white crested pigeon. I have been lucky to save 2 of these from the nest. However, knowing the nature of the birds you have mentioned, Zebra Finches would be quite okay in a mixed collection of birds and so would budgies. Tony, Hi Tony I was on the phone sitting outside this morning, when I felt something pecking at my toenails. I live in a rural area and any bird i call in to wires they say will most likely be euthanized. Find a carer, they may be able to help you become one yourself, then you’ll discover just how rewarding, and hard, it can be. Hey Justin I’m sure he will miss you just as much as you miss him/her. To Jane: Hi. If she was with her parents still, I think she would be at the stage, where they would only feed her when she was realy hungry. We use a syringe to feed the bird three times a day and have been for about two months now. Once an egg is out of a nest it is probably too late to rescue it. I have some canary bird mix, but i might try some other bird food too. I can’t help wondering if it is a wild bird, or a hand reared captive bird that has escaped. But I think the cage door open sounds like a good idea…better than being locked up all its life and worth the risks… up to you though. yours might be to young to be eating seed yet though, but i found with my pigeon if i put the seed on a towel it found it easier to pick it up they can get the seed deeper into their mouths that way until they learn to peck properly. This little one’s personality has totally changed in the last few days & I’m wondering if it has something to do with needing seed now or something else food related? Address the issues raised and resist the temptation to make personal attacks, however mild. Kind regards, Edith. She is snuggled under my chin as I’m typing this, softly wooing and quivering! I have been travelling interstate with limited internet access. hi Ali That would be up to you or you can just let nature do what she does. I figured he could stay sleeping in the laundry (for safety) for the next week or so before making a full move to the outside. He was very loving and loved his cuddles. Please read post number 20 regarding feeding. If you’re in Queensland, then you’re breaking the law if you’re keeping it without a permit. I have a crested pigeon that walks and flys around inside my house….he often does the mating dance….I let him out today and he has started attacking us and flicking his wing at us and pecking…he has become aggressive and angry….why has this started to happen? Cooee, the crested pigeon I raise, is still coming around to get her free feed & cuddles from us, which makes us feel very privileged. Actually, here’s a peculiar video of him. It must make her day very pleasant to have such a lovely team of bird friends to keep her company. Not sure what you could do to help in this situation. Check out our crested pigeon selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. . This is not a site about keeping birds in captivity. Usually they’ll get over it in a day or two, sometimes it takes a bit longer. I hope to hear from someone. I’d love to come over and play with its crest. Clem. Hi guys i really need some advise, i have noticed a crested pigeon on the side of the road last week. The Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes) is a bird found widely throughout mainland Australia except for far tropical north areas. I was very surprised by the details coinciding. If in Bris I know of a local pet shop owner who takes care of injured birds, she guided me through raising a baby crested pigeon. He fell asleep so i guess i check on him in the morning. Just an update on the bird i found. Regretfully,I had to move and could not keep him.So,I took him Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney where I believe he will have a good life. Thank you so much, i have had a better look over the bird i dont think he is as young as i originally thought. . They are so affectionate and have become perfect pets. It is about 10cm long and still has the little thing on its beak for pecking out of the shell (don’t know the name). Hi Amy, if you can get to a pet shop, buy some egg and biscuit mix. Thankfully she has learnt to drink by herself after being placed on the side of her water bowl. I find it interesting that it is quite at ease in her home and with the Cockatiels. Cheers But one day a butcher bird suddenly swooped mim and he flew off and kept going. I put it into an old cage i had (about 1 meter by .05 meter) and added a flat plate of water, sticks, and wild bird seed. i have to males and ive always wanted babies from him! Hi all, That’s great news Clem. That is very beautiful. I found that my pidge never called out for food. they are all my pets but this morning was different, theres a crested pigeon sitting on one of the perches. Is there any way that you can tell what sex it is? hey, I’m now looking for a girl “Woo” for him and take possitive delight in pretending his crest is a straw. Hi Trev Haha. Hi Trevor Left it alone except looking in every now and then.last night I’ve got some hope. Thanks. My vet advised me that mine was unreleasable as she was so tame by the time she became a fledgling, hence why I kept her (I have an Aviculture license). Crested Pigeon. It has not been harmed bu the cat, but I have no idea where its nest is located. I found the best way to get mine to start feeding itself was to sprinkle budgie seed on a hand towel and let the bird peck at it that way. It has not eaten/drank. She shovels her beak around my hand and between my fingers, but doesn’t pick up any of the food there. It’s very rewarding. My husband went out and bought some wild seed mix, which is proving a challenge to it, so I got some organic multigrain bread soaked with water and it is liking that. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that she will be OK when we go. Pick up some canary seed mix, and grind it down in a pestle and mortar, and then mix with warm water [make sure it’s cooled down a little before feeding, but not cold]. If you have a really narrow spoon, that’s your best bet. We had a good look for his nest and parents,but things didn’t work out. Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. I rang wildlife carers but couldn’t do what they suggested, tube feed liquid heand rearing mix. Canary or budgie food was the best.Sorry I cant help you further. I dont understand how they can sell cockatoos etc but they can not sell crested pigeons. My 3 white birds have all been hand raised, and live safely with me in the house, where we have 3 large parrot cages. 1. Hi, I have just found a crested pigeon in the garden outside, and couldnt not see any other pigeons around or a nest. If left out we believe a fox or cat will have him. I would like to own crested pigeons for the rest of my life, so knowing a breeder would be very helpful. We have raised 2 much smaller than yours. Sounds like you have done a good job looking after him, and he is ready to leave. Hi Gabi, I think you should let it go, it was born & grew up wild & would not adjust to captivity well. It seemed a bit hurt and I would say was on the road for a long time as it was the middle of the day and it didn’t even move or care when I picked it up. What a treat to find this site. I packed it in my jumper and took it back to my office for the afternoon before heading home. When he first arrived, he made quiet cheep cheep noises, but his voice appears to be breaking, and he is starting to do the woop woop noise and he has grown bigger. I found a baby crested pigeon around about 15days on the ground and it was missing some feather off it left wind due to trying to escape through the fence. I think it is too young for having been hand reared,,, it still looks quite small and has, what I think, are juvenile feathers on its head ( quite spindly looking). The only sure way is a DNA test at a vet – that would cost heaps. and responds when I say “come” and point somewhere. Your Crested Pigeon stock images are ready. He may not be as friendly as the ones above but certainly has personality and makes him one of my favourite animals in the park! It has a feathered but slender, black spike on top of head. She follows me around the house and is the most inquisitive bird I have ever known. You’ll get much quicker, specific, advice which is what you need when you’re looking after animals that can be apparently healthy one minute and dead an hour later. Use those two fingers to hold the bottom beak, and use a finger from your other hand to lift the tip up. My neighbour gave us ours when it was injured, sick, and still a partially feathered chick . Why my bird has started becoming aggressive, Ok it’s basically slapping You because it’s not Your mate or partner is there someone that the bird likes because I have one and she is My partner or I am her’s she hates My man but loves Me they are gorgeous birds but wing slapping is normal…P.S Your bird is HORNY , Ok yes he usually likes me but does prefer my son and 2 grandchildren but has started wing slapping me and my daughter….Does this ever stop cos at the moment I’m tempted to open up the door and let him fly away, It won’t stop “maybe a little” but they have chosen the mate they like and the ones they do not like it’s a natural thing and not much You can do about it just keep feeding and have a chat he/she will be OK and so will You . Some will even supply you with cages and other supplies. Hopefully I can it up to state where as I can release “Notso” back out there where it’s mate will be waiting. Though I do agree with you totally that people should not purposely take these birds out of the wild to keep as pets, I have found over the years that I have been visiting this sight that most people have found these birds injured and in need of care. We are not sure how old the bird is or what its sex is but it is making a squarking noise alot of the time we feed it and it still does it after it has been nursed and played with and sometimes it still does it. Well my pigeon finally decided to fly the coop 2 days ago after living with us for a year. Don't immediately pick up the bird and assume that you can figure out what to do. Preferably female. Don’t overwater it, though, as baby birds only get water from their parents. Pigeons and doves are members of the bird family Columbidae. Obviously there are some exceptions, but you are not allowed to simply find a bird and keep it (similarly you can’t take a koala/kangaroo/any other wild animal). Hello. You are “Holier than though” I took ours to the wildlife centre and the vet and both said to put it down. Hand raised, very affectionate and such great company. We came across a juvenile crested about a fortnight ago, in the middle of the road during a storm. Bugger me it was alive. So far April were interested but there is no replay yet( I emailed her) and Sarah who’s email address I don’t know. What I was wondering was, how can you tell how old they are? This is the point that Steve is making. will he make his own way to the available seed and water or will i need to help him? Once she can do that, I can start letting her out of the big avery, & hope she will come back, to where it is safe for her. I dont suppose you have your pigeon still, but if you do still have him I would gladly take him. I feed a number of them in my Brisbane back yard. Unfortunately our little Gussy did not come home one day and hasn’t been home since. I still have her. Add some water to it to make it into a mush and put the birds beak into it. I’ve had it for a few days, and i have not seen it eat anything. She doesn’t mind me patting her under her beak, but not on her back. Any clues on ‘how to train your crested pigeon’ gratefully received. Im soooo sad the crested pigeon we found (jackie) died last night we are not sure what it was from Currently have a crested pigeon we’ve adopted when found at a very young age. Up until yesterday it was such a crazy, hyper little thing & now very lethargic & doesn’t do much other then sleep . Sign me up for the Trevor's Birding newsletter! I think this one is too small to get back up. thanks. Creating a Habitat for a Fledgling Pigeon Contain the bird in a box or cage.

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