Please check your e-mail to confirm your sign up. Fuji X-A7 Type: Mirrorless APS-C sensor camera Megapixels: 24.2 Size: 4.72 x 2.64 x 2.36 (120 x 67 x 60 mm) Weight: 403 g (0.89 lb) More Info: Sony a6400 Review CHECK THE LATEST PRICE. But an important thing to consider is thinking about how you want to use it short and long term. or (3) advice me something else as you think best . The M100/M200 does not have a viewfinder, so you can only use the tilting touchscreen screen for composition, which might be an issue on bright days. We have 4 or 5 solid Canon lenses. I also use Lightroom. Your e-mail will not be published or used for any other reason other than those outlined above. Thanks very much, and we’re happy to try and help. I’ve considered making a switch to mirrorless as we are heading off to Norway and I wouldn’t mind having a smaller camera to travel with. In the travel space, mirrorless cameras are definitely the type of cameras most consumers want and we personally travel with both a DSLR and mirrorless for the work we do. It features a 24.2 megapixel APS-C sized sensor, a tilting “selfie-friendly” touchscreen, 450 shot battery capacity, and it comes with a 15-45mm image stabilized zoom lens. A micro four thirds mirrorless camera is a great option as the lenses in particular are much lighter than larger sensor cameras, and the crop factor means you can get some nice zoom lenses for your birding needs. Battery life is 270 shots if using the EVF, which is quite poor. / 269 g (camera body with battery & memory card) We do wonder if you have considered the Canon EOS R or EOS EP, as those cameras will let you use your existing Canon lenses with the EF to RF adaptor. Best Mirrorless Travel Camera . As with all the other cameras on the list so far, this is lacking weather sealing, which is a bit of an omission as it’s predecessor, the GX8, did have that. Best, Jessica. Fuji X-T3. It also offers a weather-resistant structure. The Canon EOS M100 is a great mirrorless for beginners and provides the best value budget entry-level. If you want more suggestions, feel free to let us know more about your budget range and requirements for the camera. I would also perhaps consider the Fuji X-T30 with a lens. It is micro four thirds, but it is one of the few at this price point to have image stabilization, which is really important for video. – Fujifilm X-A5 with lense – $850 Hi Katie, Glad you enjoyed it, and glad you love your Sony a6000 Wishing you a great weekend as well. Being a subscriber also makes you eligible to enter our monthly travel and photography giveaways! Instead, the imaging sensor is exposed to light at all times. Best, Jessica. This list is aiming to provide the best mirrorless cameras for most travellers at a reasonable price. I’m not sure what your budget is, but the Panasonic mirrorless cameras are always highly regarded for video and a lot of vloggers use them. If the camera is relatively new, it is likely covered under warranty as well. We will be traveling to Korea this summer, our first trip out of North America. Both are top of the line mirrorless cameras. Last updated: August 4, 2020- Written by Jessica Norah 140 Comments. Click here to read our disclosure. Glad you have the iPhone as a backup and we hope you were still able to capture some great memories from your trip. And tips on specific cameras to look at? But of course a smartphone, like your iPhone, may also just be enough for those types of situations depending on what kind of photos you want or need to take. The major improvement are the inclusion of in-body stabilization and flip-out screen, which can make it the best mirrorless camera for video at the moment. You may not get all the bells and whistles you would find on a DSLR, but you’ll still be able to have plenty of fun. Learning how to quickly switch between various modes and settings, and anticipating how the camera needs to be set up for your next shot can be the difference between getting the shot, and missing it. Or would it make more sense to use the $400 on another lens? Yes, there are cameras with bigger Megapixel Count and faster burst speeds. These are the lack of image stabilization, and that can’t handle 4K video recording. Weight: ~ 23.8 oz. Best, Jessica. I am sure it will help me to decide. Practice, as the saying goes, makes perfect, and this is definitely true for photography. PIN this guide on Pinterest to read later: Do you have any of your own tips or advice on choosing or using a mirrorless camera? I’ve been considering to replace it with something lighter because there are circumstances when I have to just use my iPhone because simply can’t carry all this extra weight with me (like when I have to hike for 7-8 hours a day on difficult terrain).Thanks for sharing this information. The reason being they are definitely a lot easier to use for point and shoot use than a mirrorless camera, but still have full manual controls. Even better though, is that if you are are an existing Canon user, there’s a lens adaptor which means you can use all your existing EF and EF-S Canon lenses with the camera, meaning you don’t have to re-invest in all new lenses. We still need to learn more about all the different features of the camera too. Thank you for this. Hi Wendy, Yes, if you are looking for a small standalone camera, a mirrorless camera can be a good option. I would like it to have a viewfinder and a good touchscreen (because I’m used to my rebel t4i’s touchscreen). I don’t like the new phone type cameras with screens and no viewfinders. Many mirrorless cameras have sensors that are the same size as DSLRs, so the performance is very similar. I have used compact point and shoot cameras up to now and considering a mirrorless or dslr camera. I’d suggest the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-200mm F3.5-6.3 in this case, which has an equivalent of 28 – 400mm. What is your budget range for a mirrorless camera? I have never heard of mirrorless cameras and you did an excellent job explaining them. I am thinking of trading in my Nikon DSLR for a mirrorless camera. Given that it seems that you want something really light and easy to use for you both, we would probably recommend a higher-end compact camera like the Sony RX100 range or the Panasonic ZS200.

best mirrorless travel camera

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