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Teleconference «Russia-Tajikistan-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan: Creating Favorable Conditions for Students. Challenges and Ways to Solve Them»

On May 19, 2018, in the framework of the 3rd Student Forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries, a teleconference «Russia-Tajikistan-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan: Creating Favorable Conditions for Students.  Challenges and Ways to Solve Them» was held at the Tajik State University of Commerce. It was organized by the initiative of the Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives.

The purpose of the event was to discuss youth projects and current issues on the topic: "A favorable student environment - conditions for the development of youth."

The participants of this teleconference were students, representatives of the administration, heads of the centers for student development, international departments, centers for student initiatives and educational work of universities of the Russian Federation and Central Asia.

The head of the Public Relations Department Dr. Isupova B.F. made a welcoming speech on behalf of the administration of the University. Afterwards, a third-year student Sharifova Mehrangez made a presentation on the topic: "Formation of an innovative educational environment at the Tajik State University of Commerce".

This teleconference provided an opportunity for the participants to exchange experiences in creating an effective educational environment for students.

The discussion of the actual problems of the teleconference will further promote the dissemination of the best practices in the implementation of educational programs and the creation of a supportive student environment
At the end of the teleconference, the participants and the team of experts unanimously approved the Resolution of the 3rd Student Forum.

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